How To Install Python on Windows

In order to run Python Programming Language on windows we must have interpreters installed on our PC.  For this we first need to install Python software on our windows which comes with IDLE (Integrated Development Environment) which is automatically installed on installing Python software. This IDLE is use to run Python scripts or programs.

System Requirement for Installing Python

For smooth functioning of Python software on windows you must have system of at least 8GB RAM with latest windows.

How to Install Python

Steps to Install Python on Windows:

Step-1: At first visit  . This is the only official site of Python for downloading Python software.

Step-2: After the website loads successfully you can see the download button where you need to click the “Download Python (Version)” and your downloading will start automatically.

Step-3: After successfully download click on the .exe file to install the software.

Step-4: Select the "Install Now" Option before that you need to check the box "Add Python to Path" visible at the bottom for installing any Python module further and click on the "Next" button.

Step-5: It will take few minutes and Python will be install successfully on your system.