How To Create Room in PUBG Mobile Free

Hello Friends, In this post I will tell you how to get create room in PUBG mobile for free. So stick to this post and read all the steps mentioned in the article carefully to create your custom room for free and enjoy the game with friends.

What is Room in PUBG?

Room in PUBG game is a custom server where one can host custom matches and can play with friends as an opponent to each other. 

Normally we play PUBG game in solo, duo or squad mode either with friends or auto matching done by PUBG and unknown opponents on the side but using the room card in PUBG mobile game one we easily create custom room where we can manually add up to 99 friends and play as an opponent to each other as a solo, duo or squad and in any server.

For creating room in PUBG mobile at first you need to have room card without which room cannot be created.

How To Get Room Card in PUBG Mobile For Free?

If you are thinking how to get room card in PUBG then it is very easy to get room card absolutely free. Just follow below steps to get your PUBG room card.

Step-1. First open PUBG mobile game on your phone and make sure that you are logged in to your account.

Step-2. Wait for the game to load successfully and you are in lobby.

Step-3. When you are in lobby, click on the Clan section at the bottom to open it.

Step-4. Now in the Clan section navigate to Main Menu and click on Shop.

Step-5. As soon as you open the Shop section, there you can see various items available which can be purchased using Clan Points.

Step-6. Clan points can be easily redeemed on playing matches daily. You need to have 300 Clan points to get room card for free.

Step-7. Purchase the room card by clicking on the room card icon and then click on buy button to redeem it. 

You can buy multiple room cards depending upon the Clan Points.

How To Create Room in PUBG

Once the room card is redeemed the next step is how to use the room card for this follow below steps:

Step-1. Open PUBG and wait for the game to load until you reach to Lobby and then click on the map box (where you select mode, map, server etc.) Just below the Start button.

Step-2. Click on the Room Option visible in the bottom left near the Training option.

Step-3. After clicking the room option now click on Create Room and then popup will appear asking you to USE the card.

Step-4. Click on the USE button and then again press Ok to confirm.

Step-5. Now your Room has been created and the next option will appear asking you to fill the Room Name, select mode (Solo, Duo or Squad) and Select Server and then click on Create Room button.

Step-6. As soon as you click on Create Room button you will asked to create room password which will be asked when anyone tries to enter into your room. Create room password according to your wish and give it your friend whom you want to join into your game.

Step-7. Team will be divided according to your selected mode for example if you select Duo mode then there will be 50 teams each team having 2 members.

Step-8. Ask your friend to join the room by providing then room name and password and then drag them in the team where you wish to keep. That’s all done. Just click on the Start button to Start the game.


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