How To Monetize Videos on Facebook | How To Monetize Facebook Page

If you are a video creator searching for how to monetize videos on facebook and you have a Facebook page with lot of likes and following then you can also make large amount of revenue from Facebook Audience Network using ad breaks in your video. 

So, in this post I will tell you how to monetize Facebook videos with easy steps.

Facebook Video Monetization Eligibility Criteria

Before Applying for Facebook Monetization program your Facebook page must meet some minimum requirements without which your page is not eligible to take part in video monetization program. 
These minimum requirements are:

  • 1. You must have business account of Facebook Page which can be easily created. Videos on personal profile cannot be monetized so you need make a Page on Facebook.
  • 2. The Facebook page that you want to monetize must have minimum 10,000 followers. Below this threshold page is ineligible for monetization.
  • 3. The video on the page becomes eligible for monetization as soon as any of your video gets 30,000 views of 1 minute watch time on a video of minimum 3 minutes long within 60 days.
  • 4. Your page must comply with Partner Monetisation Policies that is the page should contain copyright or unoriginal content.
  • 5. The last one is to make sure that your country is eligible Facebook page monetization. This can be checked on Facebook Official site.

Failing to meet any of the above requirements will not allow to monetize your Facebook Videos.

How to Monetize Facebook Videos

Once your page meets all the minimum eligibility criteria the next step is to monetize your videos  
by putting ad breaks but before that you need to check that your page complies with Facebook Partner Policies. For this Follow below steps:

Step-1. Make sure that you are logged into your FB account and then visit and then select your page which you wish to monetize to check whether your page complies with Facebook Partner Policies or not.

Step-2. If all the 4 eligibility criteria are green it means your page is ready for monetization else you have to wait and work on it to meet all the 4 requirements.

Step-3. Once you meet the entire requirement next step is to visit  and select the page that is eligible for monetization.

Step-4. Navigate to the left of the dashboard and click on Monetization option from the Menu and then select Eligibility option under Monetization.

Step-5. Check your monetization status 
  • If the monetization status is Eligible then your video is ready for monetization.
  • If the status is Non-Eligible then you can never monetize your videos.
  • If the status is At Risk it means that you have violated any Partner Monetization Policies such as you have shared the content that does not belongs to you or copyrighted content. In this case you have to appeal to Facebook to review your page and if Facebook finds that your page is following Partner Monetization Policies then they can either make your page Eligible or Non-Eligible on certain conditions.

Step-6. Now the Next step is How to get ad breaks on videos. For this go to your eligible Facebook page and click on Upload Photo/Video option to upload the videos.

Step-7. Select the video to upload it and while the video uploads you can see Ad Break option in the right of the video.

Step-8. Click on the Ad Breaks option and you will see a new window will pop up with lot of options.

Step-9. Now make sure that Ad Breaks Option is enabled that is the Enabled button is green.

Step-10. Next you can set various options of Ads break like where you wish to show the ad breaks or let Facebook choose it by itself.

Step-11. Next is Viewer Holding Testing option. On selecting this option will tell you the behavior of people watching video on showing ads Vs not showing ads.

Step-12. Last is the block list option which enables the facility of blocking ads of certain company on videos.

Step-13. Publish the video on page and wait for the viewers to watch your video and you earn money for every ad breaks.

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