How to Rank Videos on Youtube in 2023 – Best Yotube SEO Techniques

YouTube has now become very big platform for sharing videos. Every minute thousands of videos are uploaded on the YouTube by the creators.
Before 2015 it was very task to rank any video on YouTube simply making use of title and description but now YouTube is totally changed and it is very hard to rank videos since thousands of videos is available on YouTube on same topic.

Optimization of Title and Description along with correct use of tags and videos thumbnail is the only way to your rank videos on the top of search result and make huge amount of views and subscriber on channel that will result in huge revenue.

YouTube SEO Techniques & Ranking Factors

Below are some of the best factors that affects the SEO and ranking of videos on YouTube. Only the correct optimization of these factors can help to rank better.

1. Video Title

Title is very important for any video on YouTube without title video can neither be recognized among millions of video nor it can be searched on YouTube. However just giving title to the video is not enough to rank video but optimization of title is very important.

Use of keywords in the video title is very important. The best way to optimize video title for SEO is including keywords (that people search for) in the title with each keyword separated by pipeline (|) symbol. 

For example if I am going to upload video on YouTube on the topic how to rank video on YouTube then title of the video should be something like this “How to Rank Videos on YouTube | Best YouTube SEO Tips | YouTube Ranking Tips 2019” . The YouTube Video Title must be 100 words long.

2. Video Description

After title the next most important SEO technique is the video description. The video title must include only the most important keywords and the rest of the keywords should be included in the description. The description of the video must briefly tell about the videos content.

Keywords used in title must also be present in the first line description as when you search any video on Youtube, you can easily notice that only those videos are on the top of the search result whose description is containing the search keyword in the starting of the title.

The description should also contain links to your website and profile which is also positive SEO trick and never forget to ask your viewers to subscribe to your Youtube channel in the description as well as at the end of video.

3. Tags

Tag is yet another important SEO factors in video ranking. It decides the position of the video in search result. The best way to optimize video is the use of long tail keywords in the tag. 

For example the video is on topic how to rank video on Youtube then the tag must contain long tails keywords like how to rank video on youtube in 2019,  top 10 seo tips for youtube ranking etc.

4. Watch Time

Optimizing title, tag and description is not enough for Youtube ranking but watch time is also very big factor for video ranking. Watch time is the time interval of the video watched on Youtube. More the watch time of the video higher will be the position in search ranking.

The only way to increase the watch time of any video is the user engagement which can be achieved by making interesting and high quality videos that makes user to watch full video till end.

The ranking of new uploaded video on Youtube improves as the watch time on certain video increases and if the user leaves the video as soon as it starts then it gives negative impact on the ranking.

Youtube Algorithm analyzes that if the users are watching certain video till end then there might be something very good in then video and then it start suggesting videos to others on home page and if the watch time along with user engagement goes on increasing then the video goes on trending page.

5. Use of Hash Tag

Recently YouTube introduced the use of hash tag in video description that appears just below the video while watching. The concept of this tag is to subcategorize the video for examples my video tag must be something like #HowTo, #SEO, #YouTube. This helps YouTube algorithm to suggest your video to the viewers who are interested in certain topics.

6. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is very important for video without which video is incomplete. The thumbnail of the video must be creative and the title of the video should also be written on thumbnail. 

Youtube algorithms make use of Image processing to read the video thumbnail image to analyze the content of the video and provide the most accurate search result for the people who are searching for it.

7. Raw Video Title

The raw video title should be similar to the title of video on YouTube because YouTube algorithm analyzes the video based on the name of video for example while uploading video rename video to how-to-rank-video.mp4

8. Social Sharing

Social sharing is very strong tool for getting views on YouTube videos. No one is going to watch your video until you share it on social media platform such as Facebook, Whatsapp, reddit etc. 
once your share your videos on these social media platform, people watch your video and if they like they will share it to others and this will make your videos go viral.

9. Upload Time

Upload time does not matter in video ranking however it affects the views and watch time of the video which alternately affect the ranking of the video in YouTube search result.

There are certain possibility that if the video is uploaded between the time 10 AM to 12 AM on Sunday rather than uploading at early morning or late night, then there is much chances of getting higher views on videos the reason behind this is that most of the people are engaged on Youtube at this time and also Sunday is holiday, so there is much chances of getting videos caught by the viewers. This is just my practical experience it is not 100% sure but it likely to affect your views.

Thank you for reading my post. All SEO tactics and techniques described above are based on my own experienced that I have used on my YouTube Channel Technical Abuzar. 

If there is any problem in YouTube ranking then feel free to comment your questions below in the comment box and never forget to share this post to your friends and families because sharing is caring. Thank You