Operators in Python | Types of Operators in Python with Example

In this post, we will learn about what is operator and different types of operators in Python. What is an Operator? An operator is a special symbol which are used to perform an operation on variable or values. Types of Operators in Python Arithmetic operators Logical operators Comparison operators Identity operators Membership operators Bitwise operators … Read more

Python Identifiers with Example

In this article we will learn what are identifiers in Python with example and know the rules for naming identifiers. What are Identifiers in Python? Python identifiers are name that is used by the programmer to identify some variable, data or functions. Python identifiers are used to give the variable, constant, or function a name … Read more

Python IDLE | Modes in IDLE

What is IDLE in Python? Python IDLE is a text editor which is use to create, edit and run Python code/scripts. The Python installer for windows will contain the integrated IDLE module by default. Full Form of IDLE in Python IDLE full form in Python is Integrated Development and Learning Environment. Modes in IDLE (Integrated … Read more

How To Install Python on Windows

In order to run Python Programming Language on windows, we must have interpreters installed on our PC.  For this, we first need to install Python software on our windows which come with IDLE (Integrated Development Environment) which is automatically installed on installing Python software. This IDLE is used to run Python scripts or programs. System … Read more

Features of Python Programming Language

What are the Features of Python Below are some important features of Python Language: 1. Simplicity Programs written in Python language are very short and much easier to read and understand as compared to other programming languages such as C++ and Java. Moreover, it has a very simple syntax which is easier to learn and … Read more

History of Python Language

History of Python Programming Language Python is a fairly old programming language whose design originally began in late 1980 and was first released in February 1991. The founder of the Python programming language is Guido Van Rossum. Python was developed in Netherland. The name Python was given because Rossum was a big fan of a … Read more

What is Python Programming Language | Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python Python is considered as simplest programming language than any other language. It is a general purpose language. This language became popular due to its wide range of applications especially in the field of artificial intelligence because it is very fast and easy to calculate mathematical and scientific data with python programming language. … Read more