How to Change JioFi Password

Want to change your JioFi password, then you are on the right place in this I will tell you how to change JioFi password using the default username and password.

What is JioFi?

JioFi is a small hotspot device that can be easily carried in the pocket . It is just like a personal Wifi router.  This device comes with single SIM slot in which Jio 4G SIM can be installed and it converts the Jio network in to hotpsot that can be easily accessible to anyone using username and password.
Jiofi device was launched by Jio in 2017, It is easily available at any reliance digital store.

Benifits of JioFi

JioFi became popular due to lot of its benefits  among which the most important feature was that it is easily portable and can be carried anywhere in the pocket which means that with the help of JioFi device local WiFi can be easily created anywhere at any time.
Moreover it can connect up to 10 devices at one time. It is very useful product for families, as from one JioFi router several device such as mobile phones, laptops and other Wifi device can be connected also it provides free calling and text messaging services all over India by just installing the Jio 4G voice calling app in the mobile phone but before calling make sure that the device is connected to Jio Wifi network.

How to Change Jio WiFi Password

  • Step-1: At first turn on the JioFi Hotspot device and connect its Wifi to any smart phone or computer.
  • Step-2: Make sure that the smart phone or computer is connected to the same Wifi whose JioFi password needs to be changed.
  • Step-3: Now open any web browser on your smart phone or computer (Google chrome is recommended) and visit this site http://jiofi.local.html/ or This site will work only when you are connected to JioFi WiFi network.
  • Step-4: As soon as the website loads you will be asked to log in where you need to enter username and password. By default the usernameis administrator and password is also administrator.
  • Step-5: After successfully login into your account , Jiofi dashboard will appear.
  • Step-6: From the top menu click on Network option and then select Wi-Fi Configuration option appearing in the left under the Network.
  • Step-7: Under Wi-Fi Configuration setting the Network Name(SSID)is the Name of the WiFi that appears opening the Hotspot.
  • Step-8: The last option is the Password where the password can be edited of own choice and then click on the Save button to apply changes to the setting.

Note: For any help or query related to Jio you can easily contact Jio customer care by visiting this site .

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