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How To Change Language in Chrome

How to change language in Google chrome

What is Chrome?

Chrome is a very famous free internet browser developed by Google especially for windows. The popularity behind this browser is the user interface simplicity.

Chrome is the only fastest browser designed for windows and mobile that has many inbuilt features of Google. Google chrome is used world wide and sometime people need to use chrome in their native language so they require to change the chrome language.

Below is the steps given on how to change the language of the chrome.

Steps to Change Language in Chrome

  • Step-1: At first open Google Chrome browser and then click on the three dot that can be seen on the top right of the Chrome browser.
  • Step-2: Next click on Settings option of the Chrome browser.
  • Step-3: Scroll down and the click on Advanced to expand more setting options.
  • Step-4: Scroll down more and search for Languages option.
  • Step-5: In the Language option you can see the current selected language (as in my case is English).
  • Step-6: Now to change the language click on the expand arrow.
  • Step-7: Next click on Add Languages in the bottom.

  • Step-8: When you click on Add Languages then a list of language will appear where you need to search the preferred language that you wish to add and then click the Add button. (For example Hindi)
  • Step-9: Your selected language will now appear in the Language list where you need to again click on the three dot that can  be seen next to the added language.
  • Step-10: On clicking on three dot you will get multiple option where you need to select the Display Chrome in this language option.
  • Step-11: As soon as you select the option you will see Relaunch button that will relaunch the chrome browser and you will see the entire interface of Google Chrome will become in Hindi Language.
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