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How to Format a Pendrive

Pendrive is a small USB device which is used for transferring of data from one computer to another. It is a small portable device that comes with multiple storage size for storing data such as files, videos, pictures or software. Now days pendrive is used in smart T.V’s to watch videos and even it can be easily used in smart phone to transfer data such type of pendrives are called OTG.
Sometime we need to format a Pendrive when the memory storage becomes full and there is no space for extra data but mostly people format pendrive when it becomes affected by virus and there is chance of system to become corrupt in which the pendrive  is used for transfer.
There are multiple ways to format pendrive. Below all the methods are available depending upon various situations:

Steps to Format Pendrive in Windows:

  • First connect your pendrive to the computer.
  • Next click on the My Computer icon present on the desktop to open it.
  • Now locate your external USB drive (Removable Disk) and right click on the pendrive icon and then click on the format option.
  • For instant format tick the Quick format check box for formatting the pendrive quickly.

How to Format Pendrive Using Cmd

Sometime when we try to format the pendrive from My Computer then it takes lot of time or Computer hangs in such case it is safe to format the pendrive through Command Prompt.

Steps to Format Pendrive through CMD

  • Connect your pendrive in the USB port of the computer.
  • Open My Computer by double clicking on the My Computer icon present on the desktop. 
  • Now note down the name with which your pendrive is displayed. For example in my computer it is represented by External Disk(J:).
  • Click on the Start icon on the task bar and then search for Command Prompt and open it or just press Window+R key on the keyboard then type cmd in the box and click on run to open the cmd.
  • Next type your external disk name that you have noted in Step-3, for example in my case I will write J: and press the enter key.
  • Now again write DIR command and then press the Enter key and you will be displayed with all the file that is contained inside the pendrive.
  • Once you are confirmed next type FORMAT J:  and press the Enter key to begin the formatting of the pendrive.
  • It will take few minutes to format and your pendrive will format successfully.
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