Potato Recipe | Potato Chips Recipe | Instant Potato Recipe

Want to eat crispy snacks at home? Here is the best and easiest recipe that can be quickly made using items available in the home.
This snack is best for evening breakfast so let’s get started.

For making Potato chips fries you need:

  1. Fresh Potatoes
  2. Corn Flour
  3. Salt
  4. Water
  5. Oil

Steps for making Potato Chips Fries:

  1. Peel out fresh potatoes. It will be better if you use white potatoes.
  2. After peeling all the potatoes, cut them into little thick slices. The slice should not be very thin.
  3. Once all the potatoes are cut into slices the next step is to add salt to them.
  4. Sprinkle salt on the potato slices and rub them evenly so that all the sides of the slices are coated with salt.
  5. Now leave it for 1 minute and then wash it with cold water 2 to 4 times, so that extra starch is removed completely.
  6. After washing the potato slices add cornflour to it. The quantity of corn flour should be such that it is properly coated from all sides.
  7. Next Deep fry all the potato slices at low medium flame such that 50% of the slices are fried.
  8. Take it out and let it cool down.
  9. When potato slices are cooled down completely again deep fry the potato slices until crispy.
  10. Your instant potato chips fries are ready to eat.

Serve, it with tomato ketchup and tea during evening breakfast.

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