Python IDLE | Modes in IDLE

What is IDLE in Python?

Python IDLE is a text editor which is use to create, edit and run Python code/scripts. The Python installer for windows will contain the integrated IDLE module by default.

Full Form of IDLE in Python

IDLE full form in Python is Integrated Development and Learning Environment.

Modes in IDLE (Integrated Development and Learning Environment)

Python software that we install to test our code is usually run in a Python shell. The Python shell can be used in two ways:

  1. Interactive Mode
  2. Script Mode

Interactive Mode in Python

In this mode, we can directly run our program. This mode allows us to interact with the Operating System (OS).

Interactive Mode in Python

In an interactive mode “>>>” represents Python prompt which indicates that the interpreter is waiting for the Python command.

If there is Python a prompt present in the Python shell then the IDLE is opened in an interactive mode.

Script Mode in Python

In script mode, we can create, edit and save Python source code files.

Script Mode in Python

Script mode is generally used when we need to write large programs so that we can save, edit and change our program later.

In script mode, program is written in a file and saved with the extension “.py” and then the interpreter executes the content of the file.

How to Open Python IDLE

In order to open Python IDLE at first make sure that the latest version of Python software is installed on your system.

  • Click on the Start icon on your window.
  • Search for Python IDLE
  • Double click on the IDLE icon to start it.
  • Once IDLE is open start writing your own code.

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